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Document verification

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idenTT® shows all relevant identification documents of a country. For each document it is shown where which entry in the passport can be found. In addition, you have access to all issuing modalities such as validity periods, options for extending the validity period, entries after marriage and much more.

You can adapt idenTT® to your internal regulations: Add a comment to each document or country, or mark documents that are not accepted by you (positive list).

idenTT® helps you to avoid fraud in advance - when opening an account!

German Money Laundering Act (GwG)

Is the passport or ID presented to you an official and valid document? The use of idenTT® gives you the certainty that you are complying with the obligation to prove your identity in accordance with the German Money Laundering Act and documents that you have complied with the duty of care.

Facts and benefits

  • More than 200 countries
  • Plausibility check in each variant
  • Check for documents reported stolen
  • Testing against an internal blacklist
  • All security features of a document
  • Extensive additional information
  • Test result as PDF
  • Extensive statistics about the usage in your network

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